Signs of womanizer, his personnality traits


Signs of a Womanizer – His Personality Traits

Recognizing the personality traits of a womanizer, Casanova, lothario or tom cat will help protect you from men who use women. No more addictive love relationships!

Womanizers have certain personality traits, which are easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for! The sooner you recognize the signs of a womanizer, the better able you are to protect yourself from addictive love and men who use women.

The word “Casanova” evolved from an Italian womanizer who had over a hundred one night stands. Casanova was a lady killer from Venice; he would wine and dine women, charm them, make them feel beautiful and irresistible, take them to bed, and … move on to the next woman the next day.

Casanovas are also known as womanizers, lotharios, tom cats, lady killers, seducers, predators and players. Many womanizers have a “line” for picking up women; they have a whole strategy from start to finish. After you learn how to recognize a womanizer, you’ll see through his facade.

The personality traits of womanizers make them easy to recognize.

Womanizers are master manipulators. Though the words “Casanova”, “tom cat”, “womanizer”, “lothario” and “seducer” may seem flirty and flattering, the behavior of lady killers is far from innocent. The sooner you learn to recognize a womanizer, the better off you’ll be! But remember: there’s a difference between being a womanizer and being a man who lies about cheating or having affairs.

The Personality Traits of a Womanizer

Womanizers are charming. They’re attentive, interested, curious – and they make women feel special. Womanizers have one goal: to get a woman into bed as quickly as possible and then move on to the next one. They’re seducers who are addicted to the “power” they feel when seducing women. This is one way to recognize a womanizer: they’re addicted to the chase and challenge of love.

Womanizers are often in touch with women’s feelings, and can adeptly manipulate those feelings to their advantage. For instance, a womanizer will express empathy for a woman’s professional or personal problems, and let the woman vent her feelings. Once she feels comfortable and relaxed with the lady killer, he’ll make his move.

Womanizers are good at what they do. They’re addicted to a certain type of love (not the healthy kind!).

How to Recognize a Womanizer – The Inner Workings of a Casanova

Some psychologists believe womanizers or Casanovas struggle with low self-esteem, and their sexual conquests make them feel better about themselves. It’s a temporary high, though. Womanizers may have unstable or nonexistent relationships with father figures – especially in early childhood – which makes them insecure about who they are. Knowing this will help you recognize a womanizer.

“Casanovas tend to exhibit some traits associated with psychopathy,” says Robert Hare, author of “Without Conscience” in Psychology Today (“The Lady Killer Files”, November December 2007). Womanizers may have to manipulate and deceive women to get what they want, and they may ignore guilty feelings – or they may not feel any guilt at all. This, too, will help you recognize a womanizer.

Womanizers tend to sleep with inappropriate partners, flirt with their friends’ wives, and have secrets about their romantic lives. Many lady killers are addicted to sleeping around with different women, but don’t find their sexual conquests fulfilling in the long term.

Recognizing a Womanizer Means Resisting a Womanizer

When you think you’ve met a Casanova or womaizer and you don’t want to be another notch in his bed post, don’t let yourself be manipulated into bed. A womanizer will give you the cold shoulder just as quickly as he’ll wine and dine you. You need to decide what you want out of a healthy love relationship, and stand firm.

Most womanizers aren’t good candidates for long-term relationships. If you’re looking for a healthy love relationship, you need to not only recognize a womanizer — you need to look past him.

One of the best ways to recognize and resist a womanizer is to be aware of the secrets men keep from women.


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